A rainy Saturday in Wales (and a bit of England).

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Tom’s MIA this week while he visits his dad over in France, so I found myself at a bit of a lose end this weekend.

Ages ago my mum had read about a flea market held every so often in the UWE in Bristol, and by chance it looked like the latest event was due to take place on Saturday. Result! Off I popped down the M4 after work on Friday to spend the weekend rummaging for curios. Or so I thought…

After we’d got ourselves up and out of the house on Saturday morning, and having driven all the way to Bristol, we did think it a bit odd that when we arrived at UWE there were no signs of life or any buildings that looked open to the public. After 5 minutes or so of Googling in the car (now sheltering from a particularly heavy shower) we discovered it had, in fact, been cancelled.

Oh, bum.

No bother, we resolved. It’s early, we’ve got a full tank of petrol and a pocket full of lose change. Mission rummage need not be over just yet.

We headed back in the direction of Bristol city centre and towards Cheltenham Road. Not a part of Bristol I’ve ever been to before, but my mum and dad had ventured in that direction to eat at Rice & Things, the Jamaican restaurant mentioned in one of Jamie Oliver’s books.

We parked, and with our brollies at the ready we sprinted to a nearby second hand shop.  It was packed to the rafters with stuff, more trash than treasure to be honest, so we scurried a bit further up the street to take shelter in a pretty little vintage shop.

Cox & Baloney’s Vintage Boutique sells mostly clothes with some sweet bits of china.

Downstairs their resident seamstress has her own area, and down another level was second hand bookstore. The whole place was very lovely actually, made all the more so by the crackly sound of the gramophone pumping music into the main room. It turns out they also have a tearoom, so we devoured a brownie and a cup of tea before heading back out into the drizzle.

When I say drizzle what I actually mean is downpour! It was so wet that we drove all the way down Cheltenham road, past all the junk shops and charity shops without even stopping. And if you know us, that says a lot!

Instead, we headed back over the Severn Bridge and stopped off in Chepstow before going home. Chepstow is very sweet. It’s full of history. Lots of winding streets right on the river, and it’s got its own castle. The rain wasn’t letting up so we readied ourselves for a soaking and ventured into town.

Luckily for us, most of Chepstow’s antique shops are located on the same street, and it was in St Mary’s collectables that we hit the jackpot. A real higgledy-piggledy place. We bought a lovely couple of bits.

I came across the daddy version of the little bowls I bought at Ardingly last month, and my mum picked up a glass vase (which she’s reincarnated as a candle holder), some Perrier glasses to match a set she already has and a handmade fabric cover for a Radio Times magazine.

Glass vase-come-storm lantern

Perrier water glasses x4
£1 each

Radio times cover

Annoyingly we walked off without my bowl so my mum has kindly offered to pick it up for me in the week.

My buy of the day was a small Victorian tapestry which reads ‘God bless our home’. It’s very sweet. About a foot and a half long in its original frame. Some of the decoration has gone missing, but as you probably know by now rough-round-the-edges is just my style.

Victorian tapestry

I also picked up a couple of lace doilies for 20p for when I get round to making this.

lace doilies x3
20p each

Before heading home, we made a pit stop at one of my mum’s favourite house clearance shops. I’m not even sure it has a name, but we’ve had some brilliant bits from there in the past. It’s great for furniture, and I bought these gorgeous café chairs (I’m sure they have a proper name), £15 for the pair. I love the seats on them. They’ll have to live in my mum and dad’s garage for now – just like the rest of my life’s possessions – but I can’t wait to actually start using them.

Dining chairs
£15 for the pair

I’d like to think it was a sign, because as we carried my chairs out of the shop and into the car, the sun started to break through the clouds.

A fairly strange day in all, but it’s the ones you don’t plan that often turn out to be the best.

PS – Tom’s pinched our camera and taken it to France so most photos are from my iPhone. Sorry if they’re a bit blurry 🙂 

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