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A rainy Saturday in Wales (and a bit of England).

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Tom’s MIA this week while he visits his dad over in France, so I found myself at a bit of a lose end this weekend.

Ages ago my mum had read about a flea market held every so often in the UWE in Bristol, and by chance it looked like the latest event was due to take place on Saturday. Result! Off I popped down the M4 after work on Friday to spend the weekend rummaging for curios. Or so I thought…

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Cheap and cheerful wall art.

I’m always lusting after wall art, and my walls are proof enough that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a look that’s completely unique.

Most of my pictures are the result of impromptu trips to charity shops and car boot sales, and I dream of one day having elegantly high-ceilinged rooms where I can cluster a load of them together on my walls in beautiful mis-matched harmony.

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Answers on a…

It’s all my grandad’s fault. He was a master collector with a nose for a bargain and there’s no doubt in my mind that my obsession with collecting stems from him.

He used to hoard all sorts of bits and pieces, but what I mostly remember him for are stamps and postcards.

When I was little I started my own collections because of him. But sticking used stamps in a book when you’re a gawky teenager isn’t exactly the essence of cool, so that hobby soon fizzled.

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Booty buys: Swallowfield bypass.

Yippee!! I managed to get out to my first booty in months yesterday.

I went to the one most local to me, the Giant Car Boot at the Swallowfield bypass near Reading. I’ve only ever been to this one once before, right at the start of the summer.

Back then it was a titchy little thing, and I remember that Sunday being really windy. This time round, the weather was much perkier, but I did get there a bit late. Even with people packing up around me, it was definitely worth a sprint round.

My booty buys from yesterday…

Say cheese! There was one guy with a huge van of house clearance stuff, and tucked at the bottom of a box was a Polaroid camera. Have no idea if it works, we’ll have to get some film in it to see (which, after a quick Google search, I’m glad to find out was put back in production in March this year – phew!). I like the idea of having Polaroid snaps of friends on a pin board, or hung on a line of string with pegs. I’ve never used one before though, and I know the colour can sometimes be a bit strange. Will report back…

Polaroid camera

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