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Blog love: The Washerwoman.

You know that feeling.

You’ve been traipsing round a fair all day. You’re laden with purchases, the bags are cutting into your fingers, your feet are aching, the temperature’s dropped and your nose has started to run. You’ve had a great day, but all you want is your sofa and your tea.

And then, something happens.

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Pinterest: pain relief in pictures.

It’s possible that I’m a little high on painkillers right now so please forgive me any spelling mistakes.

I’ve put my back out for the second time this year. It hurts. No position is comfortable. I’m bed-bound. Bad times.

On the up-side, I spent most of yesterday afternoon on my laptop. A few hours meandering around the web is good for the soul, and, it appears, a rotated pelvis (or at least I think that’s what’s wrong). Good times!

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