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Booty buys: Chepstow racecourse.

My mum and I took a sunny trip out to Chepstow racecourse on Sunday. Every week they host a car boot sale and a market. The market was much more substantial than the booty (a pitiful 7 cars!). But there was one lady with a table of treasure.

My mum bought some pretty linen from her, and I bought a set of 10 small glass bowls and one matching daddy bowl.

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Booty buys: Shillingford, Oxfordshire.

If there was a prize for the hottest car boot sale in Oxfordshire this summer, I think today’s booty might have won it.

The location for this morning’s excursion: a dusty, parched field off the A4074 between Reading and Oxford. The booters, normally concerned with dodging showers and pegging things down so they don’t blow away, were today doing their best to avoid heat stroke and sun burn. In October. Crazy.

Ironically, we overheard one lady say that this Sunday was the last booty planned until March so that the organisers could batten down the hatches for the inevitable winter weather.

Who knows, it could well be snowing next week, but this week the sunshine made sure that shoppers were out in force, and the little Shillingford booty was buzzing.

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Booty buys: Swallowfield bypass.

Yippee!! I managed to get out to my first booty in months yesterday.

I went to the one most local to me, the Giant Car Boot at the Swallowfield bypass near Reading. I’ve only ever been to this one once before, right at the start of the summer.

Back then it was a titchy little thing, and I remember that Sunday being really windy. This time round, the weather was much perkier, but I did get there a bit late. Even with people packing up around me, it was definitely worth a sprint round.

My booty buys from yesterday…

Say cheese! There was one guy with a huge van of house clearance stuff, and tucked at the bottom of a box was a Polaroid camera. Have no idea if it works, we’ll have to get some film in it to see (which, after a quick Google search, I’m glad to find out was put back in production in March this year – phew!). I like the idea of having Polaroid snaps of friends on a pin board, or hung on a line of string with pegs. I’ve never used one before though, and I know the colour can sometimes be a bit strange. Will report back…

Polaroid camera

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