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Say fromage!

I’m home! And there’s no place quite like it. I’ve spent over 12 hours on the road this Christmas and New Year. I’ve caught up with friends and family, I’ve received some fabulous presents, eaten some amazing food and I’ve even managed to squeeze in a flea market! But when you’ve lived out of a suitcase for a week, there’s nothing quite like getting back to your own space, surrounded by your own things.

And one of the best bits about coming home? Getting to unpack all your presents all over again, of course!

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Flea market finds: Shepton Mallet.

It was my mum’s birthday on Saturday, so as a treat Jess (my brother’s girlfriend and fellow booty buddy), my mum and I headed to the Royal Bath and West showground for the Shepton Mallet antiques and collectables fair.

It’s run by the IACF, and it was a treat because we don’t get to go to them very often. Most of their fairs are held mid-week (like the famous one at Ardingly – though we did take a day off work to go to that one once!), and Shepton Mallet is the only one that generally falls on a weekend. Plus it’s the most local one to my mum and dad in South Wales.

So off we went, on our little adventure.

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Look what I found!

After squealing with excitement last month having found a serving plate to match two other plates that I’ve had for years, I’ve only gone and found a set of 6 matching dessert bowls too!!

Building a collection of something you love is an unpredictable sport. You never know when you’ll find a new treasure to add to your hoard, and thank God you don’t!

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Just a plate.

It’s been a week of early starts and late finishes. No evenings curled up on the sofa, but several sat at a boardroom table working to Cupertino time. iPhone 4S has landed.

In my professional life, this excites me. A lot. The media works itself into an utter frenzy when a new Apple device is mooted, and I can assure you, it’s no different for those of us working in the industry – no-one is immune.

Smartphones dominate my working life. Technology. Innovation. Modern, cutting-edge design. But the irony that in the rest of my life I prefer things a bit, well, dustier, is certainly not lost on me.

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