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Flea market finds: Carmarthen.

I think I owe my blog an apology. It’s the end of the second week back at work after the Christmas break, and to say I’m struggling with the old routine is something of an understatement. The mornings are dark and the days are long, and by the time I’m home I barely have the energy for Eastenders, let alone blogging!

But, I have resolved, things are going to change. In the words of Yazz, the only way is up. And what better place to start than with a quick run down of the Carmarthen flea market I went to back in December?

It was the less pricey more boot-saley version of the antiques fair I went to right at the start of the month.

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Flea market finds: Shepton Mallet.

It was my mum’s birthday on Saturday, so as a treat Jess (my brother’s girlfriend and fellow booty buddy), my mum and I headed to the Royal Bath and West showground for the Shepton Mallet antiques and collectables fair.

It’s run by the IACF, and it was a treat because we don’t get to go to them very often. Most of their fairs are held mid-week (like the famous one at Ardingly – though we did take a day off work to go to that one once!), and Shepton Mallet is the only one that generally falls on a weekend. Plus it’s the most local one to my mum and dad in South Wales.

So off we went, on our little adventure.

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Booty buys: Shillingford, Oxfordshire.

If there was a prize for the hottest car boot sale in Oxfordshire this summer, I think today’s booty might have won it.

The location for this morning’s excursion: a dusty, parched field off the A4074 between Reading and Oxford. The booters, normally concerned with dodging showers and pegging things down so they don’t blow away, were today doing their best to avoid heat stroke and sun burn. In October. Crazy.

Ironically, we overheard one lady say that this Sunday was the last booty planned until March so that the organisers could batten down the hatches for the inevitable winter weather.

Who knows, it could well be snowing next week, but this week the sunshine made sure that shoppers were out in force, and the little Shillingford booty was buzzing.

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