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Lace doily lampshade.

Source: via oy on Pinterest

What is it with me and home-made lampshades at the moment? I love this one too! It’s made from little lace doilies hardened using wallpaper glue.

I’ve made a start on my paper chandelier, but cutting out the strips of paper neatly by hand is proving a little time-consuming. This one might be a be easier to achieve. It, too, is on the list!

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Paper chandelier.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Ooh… I do like this. And you can make it yourself! Saw exactly the kind of paper and wire lampshades that you need for the base of this in B&Q for £2.50 last weekend. I guess you’d need slightly nicer paper than just standard printer paper though?

It’s on the list :-).

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Project: Real Christmas garlands.

I’ve found it. Finally! My Christmas cheer has, at last, showed up to the party. And thank gawd. I was starting to get worried.

As I suspected, my lack of a Christmas tree definitely had something to do with it. But I’ve stuck to my word and gone for clutter free, homemade garlands above my windows instead.

I love the result, and they’ve had the desired effect. I’ve banished my inner Scrooge – for this Christmas, at least.

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DIY vintage paper bunting.

I love this idea from Pretty Much Penniless. Bunting made from old books – so simple!

I also love how easy it would be to theme your bunting. You could create some made from Christmas books or annuals for the festive season and use them on your Christmas tree.

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Project: DIY vintage black board.

Ever since last weekend I’ve been obsessing about breathing new life into my battered old picture frame from Shepton Mallet, and on Friday I finally got my act together.

I tried to keep a note and take pictures of the main steps (though Children in Need did prove to be something of a distraction!), but it was honestly really, really easy.

I love the end result and I hope you love it enough too to try and make your own.

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