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I left my heart in Copenhagen.

There was a period towards the end of last year when I contemplated changing my name from Sarah Bolwell to Sarah Lund, such was my obsession with the Danish maverick cop.

While I’m not sure that she and I share a whole lot in common (I eat way more than her, don’t live with my mum and look terrible in chunky fair isle knit ware), by the end of the first episode of the first series of The Killing, I knew I was hooked.

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Red wine, stilton, boredom and eBay.

It was last Christmas that I made one of the most stressful eBay purchases of my life.  How on earth can an eBay purchase be stressful? Well let me take a moment to explain…

December. The 29th to be precise.  That languid period between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve when we drift round in a red wine and stilton haze, and no-one really knows what day of the week it is.

I was bored, probably. And sat with my iPad, I strayed in the direction of eBay.

Now, one thing you should know about me is that I’ve got a bit of a wannabe chair habit. It’s a wannabe habit because there’s no way I could stash away all the chairs I’ve ever come across that I wanted to buy, so I actually own very few.

A set of six pretty plates can sit quietly at the back of a cupboard, but a set of six chairs? Well, they require a substantially bigger cupboard – or at least a dining room, neither of which I really have in my one and a half bedroom, half a kitchen flat (sad face).

Anyway, if nothing else, what that Christmas taught me is that red wine, stilton, boredom and eBay collectively do nothing to make any of that logic stick.

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