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Lace doily lampshade.

Source: dosfamily.com via oy on Pinterest

What is it with me and home-made lampshades at the moment? I love this one too! It’s made from little lace doilies hardened using wallpaper glue.

I’ve made a start on my paper chandelier, but cutting out the strips of paper neatly by hand is proving a little time-consuming. This one might be a be easier to achieve. It, too, is on the list!

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Flea market finds: Ardingly.

Ardingly is home to one of the most famous antiques fairs in the country. It’s massive. 100’s of stalls selling their wares over 2 or 3 days. A rummager’s dream.

So with my mum now retired, and my carry-over days of annual leave burning a hole in my pocket, we decided to spend a random Wednesday in a field hunting for bargains.

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Say fromage!

I’m home! And there’s no place quite like it. I’ve spent over 12 hours on the road this Christmas and New Year. I’ve caught up with friends and family, I’ve received some fabulous presents, eaten some amazing food and I’ve even managed to squeeze in a flea market! But when you’ve lived out of a suitcase for a week, there’s nothing quite like getting back to your own space, surrounded by your own things.

And one of the best bits about coming home? Getting to unpack all your presents all over again, of course!

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DIY vintage paper bunting.

I love this idea from Pretty Much Penniless. Bunting made from old books – so simple!

I also love how easy it would be to theme your bunting. You could create some made from Christmas books or annuals for the festive season and use them on your Christmas tree.

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Cheap and cheerful wall art.

I’m always lusting after wall art, and my walls are proof enough that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a look that’s completely unique.

Most of my pictures are the result of impromptu trips to charity shops and car boot sales, and I dream of one day having elegantly high-ceilinged rooms where I can cluster a load of them together on my walls in beautiful mis-matched harmony.

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